Fireball 101 (Fire Detection Challenges for Semiconductor Equipment)

Matt Wyman

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Fires and Fabs don’t go well together. Even the smallest fires can be catastrophic to a semiconductor fab and clean rooms, resulting in particle damage, contaminated wafers, and tool downtime. Meanwhile, the industry trend to get to smaller geometries continues to result in more hazardous reactive chemicals, increasing the fire risk. Also, many customers are demanding “smoke detection” within electrical enclosures, irrelevant of the fire risk. Many EHS professionals don’t understand that fire protection is an engineering discipline with complex safety and compliance requirements. A primary challenge to fire protection design is effective fire detection. This presentation includes case studies and actual fire test videos demonstrating the effectiveness of fire detection technologies (smoke, flame, and heat) for many semiconductor equipment applications. This includes wire burn testing for smoke detection systems & flame detector testing for metal organic (MO) and other energetic materials.

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