Fireball 102 (Metal Organic (MO) Fire Suppression Challenges)

Daniel Mitchell

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The semiconductor industry continues to develop new process technologies to meet ever-changing demand requirements and achieve new manufacturing milestones. The development and use of new “Energetic” materials (pyrophoric, water reactive, and unstable chemicals) continue to move quickly from R&D to full production in ALD, MOCVD, PECVD, Epi, etc. Furthermore, the quantity of these chemicals stored in bulk delivery systems is also increasing at a rapid pace. The International Fire Code (IFC) requires that equipment using pyrophoric liquids must be equipped with “approved FSS” (Fire Suppression System) yet the only current solutions are to smother, delay, or accelerate the fire reaction – All of which can make the fire scenario worse, not better. This presentation includes actual KFPI fire test videos from various small and large-scale TMA fire tests demonstrating the effectiveness (and lack thereof) of all current FSS options. It will also highlight the increasing hazards associated with future MO R&D, which add toxicity and nanoparticle exposure to pyrophoricity. This presentation will also provide a brief overview of the only effective solution for MO fire safety and control… LCAS.

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