Greenhouse Gases and Byproducts Calculation Methodologies

Sherer, Mike
(Sherer Consulting Services, Inc., Gilbert, AZ)

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The USEPA has issued a Final Reporting Rule for Greenhouse Gases. Subpart I for Electronics Industry was not part of this Final Reporting Rule and will likely be issued sometime in 2010. This presentation will provide up-to-date information on Greenhouse Gases emissions calculation methodologies that EPA has issued for Subpart I. If final Subpart I is not issued by SESHA Symposium, a review of 2006 IPCC Greenhouse Gas emissions calculations will be presented (note: this will likely be in final Subpart I). The second part of this presentation will discuss the process emission factors for Greenhouse Gas byproducts such as hydrogen fluoride and fluorine. These calculations are important for impact on point-of-use abatement devices, centralized (house)scrubbers and air permitting.

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