Guideline for GHG Emission Measurement and Management

Kagino, Minoru
(Toshiba, Tokyo Japan)

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JEITA thinks that we need grasp of the amount of emission of F-GHG in order to advance a battle against global warming, and the technique of the suitable and efficient amount grasp of F-GHG emission contributes to progress of the battle. The IPCC 2006 guideline requests that the performance is measured and checked under a use situation as the conditions which can use a default value at the abatement efficiency of F-GHG abatement equipment. JEITA had already exhibited the guideline for measurement. Since JEITA revised this extensively this time, I will introduce this. This guideline provides the efficient measuring method and the management method such as time and frequency of the efficient measurement to users of the equipment which use F-GHG. And it will assist users to grasp exactly the amount of emission of F-GHG which oneself has discharged, and to make plan for reduction based on these results, and to carry out.

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