Health , Safety and Environment considerations and solutions for large scale molecular beam epitaxy

Middleton , Peter (Filtronic Compound Semiconductors Ltd)

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3:5 technology is not new and many companies have carried out relatively small operations for around 20 years .Recent developments have led a number of organisations to move to larger scale production one of the process’ being molecular beam epitaxy .With this shift in production output comes a whole new set of challenges in Health , Safety and Environment issues which have to be addressed .This paper will present a review of the hazards and what Filtronic Compound Semiconductors Ltd has done to address the various concerns. These include :The use of large quantities of toxic metals; Generation of Hydride gases Contamination: personal and environmental;Use of cryogenic material;Ergonomic considerations; Maintenance and cleaning;Disposal and recovery. Pictorial and graphic evidence will be produced to demonstrate comprehensive coverage of all these aspects .

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