Heretics Guide to Hacking EH&S

Josh Franklin
(U.S. Air Force Safety Center)

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Normal safety professionals follow the rules, color within the lines, and plateau in stable and secure roles within their organizations. Heretical professionals, on the other hand, question cultural paradigms, scribble new pathways, and drive improvement across companies. When organizations demand the deep change that only heretics can incite, will EH&S professionals be ready? That’s the question Josh has been investigating for years, most recently at the Air Force Safety Center as the Safety Career Field Manager, responsible for the development, training, and leadership of 781 military safety professionals across the globe. In this presentation, Josh shares what he learned about affecting change in large organizations. He also unpacks a path to professional development that is reflected in the National Safety Council’s “Rising Star of the Year” award to Airmen for eight consecutive years (the only organization to have this honor).

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