Implementing a Global Air Indicator Solution at Intel

Higgs, Tim*; Martin, Todd; Cox, David*
(Intel, Chandler, AZ and ESP, Mountain View, CA)

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Intel purchased and is currently implementing a commercially supported, web-based air indicator tool, the opsEnvironmental Air module from Environmental Software Providers (ESP). The business objective of this project is to create an efficient, secure, long-term solution for air emissions indicator calculations to replace existing internally-developed systems. By moving from a complex system of internal spreadsheets to a commercial EMIS solution, Intel expects to save considerable time and resources devoted to the data management process, while improving the quality and timeliness of air emissions reporting for Intel environmental and business managers across world-wide operations. Specific features of the implemented solution include data collection, indicator calculation (VOCs, HAPs, PFCs, & criteria pollutants), and generation of reports and charts. The resulting solution provides the flexibility for global operations to track use of chemicals and resulting emissions from individual processes, with changing emission and abatement factors as well as process recipes. Global sites have access to browser-based data forms and reports linked to a central database, facilitating environmental performance metric roll-ups by facility, region, regulatory jurisdiction, or product line. This presentation will cover the selection process for the commercial solution, implementation strategy, and rollout approach for the global organization, highlighting the benefits gained by going to the new system.

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