Incident and Exception Reporting and Performance Metrics

Manders, Coni; Dayalal, Milan
(International Rectifier)

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Coni Manders, Director of Corporate EHS & Social Responsibility International Rectifier El Segundo, CA Incident and Exception Reporting and Performance Metrics International Rectifier’s (IR) Global Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Policy as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, establishes the foundation of IR’s commitment to corporate citizenship. As a member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), IR monitors and posts performance results regarding energy and water conservation and waste management. IR’s Incident & Exception Reporting System enables trends to be evaluated and data easily accessed. This presentation will demonstrate how an EHS Incident, Accident, Tracking and Metrics Reporting system will give IR professionals the ability to analyze accidents and near miss data to reveal gaps in compliance and emerging problems. Exception reporting parameters include, for example: events which may affect operations, injuries or illnesses that cause lost time or increase workers’ compensation costs, and any variation from EHS regulations.

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