Integrated e-ESH System

Hsu, Fang-Ming
(Hsinchu, Taiwan)

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Integrated e-ESH System Fang-Ming Hsu Deputy Director, Risk Management and Corporate ESH Division Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. Chair, ESH Committee, SIA in Chinese Taipei ESH management in semiconductor industry is essential but very complex. In order to make it effective, experts may have to spend quite long time, maybe for years, for trial and error. And, after semiconductor companies with its daily management have both become mature, people often find they have lots of, or too many, ESH sub-systems in place, and some of those sub-systems are even overlapping with others. Therefore, it’s time for the companies to enhance their systems’ efficiency. A way of enhancing ESH management efficiency is computerizing and integrating all ESH management systems. Finally, an integrated e-ESH system can benefit the company not only with enhanced management effectiveness and efficiency, but also reduced cost and mitigated risks. TSMC has adopted PDCA cycles into this system and will share its experiences at this session.

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