Integration of the Acquired Company – You Own it so What Now?

Roig, Randy (STC)

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While most of the focus in the due diligence process is on discovering the liabilities prior to a merger or acquisition, the success of the transaction depends on your ability to appropriately integrate the acquired company. In this talk, we will focus on four major items, 1) Dealing with the short-term compliance and liability issues which can include missing regulatory plans, permits or operating criteria immediately necessary for compliant operation. 2) Transfer of EHS documents and records such as medical and employee training including establishing a process to identify which records and priority for each. 3) Preserving the culture and assets that you acquired and 4) integrating the company into your EHS management system which involves knowing how quickly to impose Corporate reporting systems, and the amount of assisitance needed to meet the new requirements and goals. Size of the aquistion matters and will be addressed. The talk will include examples of integration processes, both successful and unsuccessful, and discuss how we can all learn from each other’s mistakes.

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