Intel Corporation’s Nanomaterial Control Programs

Brown, Steven W.
(Intel Corporation, Global Health & Safety)

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Intel Corporation is the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer and is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products. The development of nano-scale electronic devices has enabled the mass manufacturing of advanced microprocessors in accordance with Moore’s Law. Future semiconductor devices will require the use of new processes and nano-scale materials in order to achieve increases in functionality and performance. Potential future nanomaterial applications in the manufacturing of semiconductors will be reviewed in the presentation. Intel Corporation has established internal EHS policies and controls to address EHS issues and concerns associated with the use, handling and disposal of nanomaterials In addition Intel Corporation is also involved in external Nanotechnology EHS efforts and organizations to facilitate the safe introduction of nanomaterials into production processes. Intel’s Nanomaterials control programs and involvement in external organizations will be explained in the presentation. The presentation will include a review of ISO’s standards development efforts on the use of nanomaterials.

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