Introduction Of ESH Smart Management System

Jang, DongHee
(SK Hynix Inc. 337 Jikji-daero Heungdeok-gu Cheongju-si Chungcheongbuk-do 361-480 Korea)

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This presentation will introduce to you about Development and Application of SK Hynix’s “ESH Smart Management System” Regularly, SK Hynix is running function checks to safety systems that is equipment for accident prevention (ESH Qualification) and also, we are checking fire protection systems (fire pumps, sprinklers, ERT equipment, etc.) These function checks are done 600 times per year for The Manufacturing Equipments Safety Check System “ESH Qualification” as well as Safety/fire equipments are checked monthly for 6700Points. We had to spend a lot of time for these Inspections, likes PC operating for filling out Check Sheets that was printed. For these reasons, we needed another solutions to prevent waste of time and material losses. SK Hynix developed “ESH Smart Management System” which is combined PDA Network System with Barcode. ESH Smart Management System shows us accuracy of checking information through the mobile device(PDA). We just match barcode with this information, It comes out from data that already put in main network server.The data contains all about history of manufacturing equipments and various safety/fire equipment. There are two remarkable achievements exist in our new ESH Smart Management System. First, The system of ESH Qualification means co-operation team work for the safety when we install new manufacturing equipments. This team put together every each department, that is, equipment / environmental / safety. In the past, ESH Qualification was organized by persons based on ‘office to office PC network’. This old system raised a lot of loss for the time and goods, due to overlapped work boundaries. The introduction of ‘ESH Smart Management System’ gives us some benefits. For example, we can improve the problems immediately through the Mobile (PDA) device in local task. In addition, we attached a history barcode on the “ESH Qualification” system. We are able to check that safety information on a daily base As a result, we can save time and expenses Secondly, we have been doing a regular check for the emergency fire protection equipments on a monthly basis.Under the old system, we have to spend a lot of paper and sometimes, we missed the check in some place. But now, We are going to register all historical information of System on safety/Fire equipment (identification number, specifications, CheckSheet) to ESH Smart Management with barcode. And then, this Smart system makes it possible for us to easy access and easy reporting to the main server using PDA in every local area. As a result, the inspector can do the check easily and also, the managers can manage the process easily. With this brand new “ESH Smart Management System” SK Hynix surely reduce the unnecessary waste of resource and, Sk Hynix can get additional safety management.

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