ISMI Risk Screening Tool

Davis, Brett
(Zephyr Environmental Corp., Austin, TX)

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In 2009, International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI) commissioned the creation of a non-confidential risk screening tool (RST) specific to semiconductor operations. The tool allows screening of “very undesirable outcomes” from a pre-populated list of risk scenarios applicable to EHS compliance, utilities, structures and personnel. Users of the tool risk screen a site by “assigning” applicable combinations of risk scenarios and controls, allowing the identification of opportunities for risk reduction and for reducing the frequency and/or severity of very undesirable outcomes. Residual risk is ranked according to a Risk Matrix created especially for use with the RST. A report of all assigned scenarios with corresponding risk rankings is the primary output of the tool. Users can modify or add to the pre-populated risk scenarios by altering elements of a scenario including systems/subsystems, initiating events, detections, responses, etc. Risk reduction activities at a facility can be tracked over time by updating the RST periodically. The presentation will include a discussion of the functionality of the RST, a demonstration of its use and information on obtaining the tool.

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