ISMT Proactive approach to mangement of novel semiconductor chemicals

Speranza, Dawn

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Author: Dawn E. Speranza International Sematech Intel Assignee This presentation provides a summary of the current situation surrounding environment, safety, and health (ESH) data and processes for new chemicals, which may be introduced into the semiconductor (SC) industry. The SC industry needs to have sufficient ESH data in a timely manner for both new chemical materials being introduced with new tools/processes and for by-product compounds produced within the tool/process. International SEMATECH initiated projects focused on the ESH assessment of new semiconductor manufacturing chemicals. The objectives of these project were to identify a commonly accepted set of ESH criteria needed for early assessment of new chemicals and processes. The Key results that will be discussed are 1. Development of a “chemical matrix”. 2. Formation of the Chemical Data Council (CDC). This group, which includes chemical manufacturers and semiconductor manufacturers, was instrumental in defining the criteria included in the chemical matrix. The ultimate objective of the industry, as defined by the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, is to establish a common algorithm for the identification, access, and acceptance of chemical risk through the partnership of suppliers and device makers. 3. Establishment of three ISMT projects that apply the principles and data expectations to three key ITRS-driven technology areas: advanced lithography, advanced gate stack, and low-k interconnect. Each of these technologies is exploring innovative processes that include new chemistries and applications.

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