ISO 13849-1 Safety Circuits and SEMI S2 Interlocks Contrasts and Comparisons

Salus Engineering International

ISO 13849-1 “Safety of Machinery – Safety related parts of control systems – Part 1 General principles of Design” is becoming a more prominent standard in international compliance. At first reading it appears to be a totally different approach to safety circuits, than that which is taken by SEMI S2. Which leads to be question if a company designing semiconductor equipment seeks to comply with this document do they need to engage in an additional major effort on top of their already substantial resources committed to design of SEMI S2 compliant interlocks? This question is best answer by a careful comparison of these two sets of requirements. When this is done it reveals there is much more similarity than originally thought. This in turn leads to a cost effective means of meeting both sets of requirements. This is the objective of this course. It first explains the 13849-1 requirements in detail. Subsequently it then over lays the SEMI S2 interlock requirements onto 13849-1 to explore the common ground between the two sets of requirements. This leads to a cost effective means of implementing both. Anyone who has attempted to deal with these sets of requirements should be find this course very useful.

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