J. Michael (Mike) Sherer, P.E. Director, Business Development ATMI

Mike Sherer is the Director, Business Development for ATMI Treatment Systems. He is responsible for international customers and program activities, including representation of ATMI to industry organizations such as SESHA (formerly SSA), SIA, SEMI, International SEMATECH, and the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA). Mike joined ATMI in August 1999. Mike has reviewed and provided solutions for numerous silicon and compound semiconductor wafer fabs on exhaust management, POU abatement systems and centralized abatement equipment. Prior to ATMI, he spent seven years with Motorola in Phoenix Arizona, and was previously at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, N.Y. Overall, Mike has 22 years experience working in the ES&H profession, in areas of operations, consulting and management. He has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of Arizona (1981), and earned his masters in the same field from the University of Rochester. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Arizona. Mike is on the Board of Directors as President for Semiconductor Environmental, Safety & Health Association (SESHA).

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