KEYNOTE – Semiconductor Manufacturing: A Forward Look at Emerging Technologies, Drivers and Challenges

Rajguru, Sanjay
(International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI))

The worldwide semiconductor market is estimated to be about $343B USD in 2012, growing at a 6-7% compound annual growth rate. The growth in the semiconductor market is dependent on the ever present cost reduction historically provided by Moore’s Law. Moore’s law demands a relentless technology improvement to achieve a transistor density improvement every 18 months. In addition, to offset the cost increase that results from the increase in complexity, the industry must achieve manufacturing cost reductions. Viability of semiconductor manufacturing is dependent on a company’s ability to drive manufacturing effectiveness while reducing overall enterprise risk. One important aspect of enterprise risk reduction is a keen understanding of emerging technologies and associated barriers which may accompany those technologies as they move towards high volume manufacturing. This presentation will explore promising new and novel technologies which are emerging in the semiconductor industry, identify the drivers behind those technologies, and discuss potential ESH and manufacturing barriers which must be addressed to ensure successful introduction into existing and next generation factories.

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