Lessons learned during the evaluation of a pneumatic/electrical safety function

Rivera, Kalysha
(TEL FSI, Chaska, MN)

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Per NFPA 79, Section 9.2: Where control circuits perform safety related functions, they shall meet the safety performance requirements determined by the risk assessment of the machine and the applicable functional safety standards. This is in alignment with other international design requirements for industrial equipment (e.g. IEC 60204-1, ISO 13850, SEMI S2, etc.). ISO 13849-1 and -2 are the primary functional safety standards to be followed when verifying safety interlocks in semiconductor wafer processing equipment. The problem is that these standards are complex and not readily understood even by third party auditors. There is a need for information sharing. This presentation will go over a real life example from a semiconductor capital equipment manufacturer and it will discuss the lessons learned as well as the foreseeable mistakes that may be made if you are not mindful to the small details required by the standards. I will also discuss some BKMs that were created to help minimize errors.

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