Lessons Learned From Measuring Destruction or Removal Efficiencies (DRE) of Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Across Point-of-Use Abatement Devices

Benaway*, Bryan J; Hall, Steven E
(URS Corporation, Austin, TX)

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This presentation discusses the various lessons learned and challenges faced for properly measuring DRE for fluorinated greenhouse gases across various POU abatement devices. Although emphasis is for performing these studies in accordance to the EPA “Protocol for Measuring Destruction or Removal Efficiency (DRE) of Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Abatement Equipment in Electronics Manufacturing”, several variations to portions of this methodology have been found to be reliable and cost-effective and will also be discussed. Results and lessons learned from a particular study involving a through silicon via (TSV) tool process coupled to a burn/wet POU abatement system will be covered as well as other challenges faced during this type of testing.

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