Leveraging EHS Knowledge to Solve Complex PV Challenges

Goss, Dale; Nicholson, Tim
(EORM, San Jose, CA and AKT (an Applied Materials Company), Santa Clara, CA)

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Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) professionals are faced with a myriad of complex challenges compounded by the tremendous pace from the growth of the global photovoltaic (PV) industry. Regulatory requirements; environmental protection; worker safety & health; process tool installation and maintenance; facilities; and risk management are just a few examples of the issues faced by today’s EHS professional. Over the last five years this market area has catalyzed the birth of new companies, manufacturing facilities, and attracted a range of employees from various industries to support this new industry in a variety of geographical locations. As a result, EHS professionals entering this industry area must quickly ramp up their knowledge of the chemical and physical hazards and identify ways to address current and upcoming regulatory requirements drawing from related industry experience and best management practices. As an example, the PV industry EHS profession can leverage the experiences from the integrated circuit and flat panel display industries over the last two decades. This presentation will discuss the multiple pressures facing EHS professionals, address lessons learned from similar industries, and highlight best management practices that the EHS professional can use immediately to reduce risk, optimize EHS performance, and reduce cost. The presentation will also highlight current cooperative efforts from global organizations, and how the EHS professional can be involved in not only the fostering and development of proven EHS standards but a company’s overall business strategy.

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