Leveraging existing SEMI guidelines to drive leading-edge supplier environmental, health, safety and sustainability programs

McIntyre, Andy; Firu, Diane
(EORM, San Jose, CA)

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Description: By utilizing existing SEMI environmental and safety standards, EHS professionals can work with their sustainability and corporate social responsibility counterparts to add scientific basis and depth to corporate supplier responsibility programs. Implications are that newer industries, such as Photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing, can leapfrog the amount of time it took the semiconductor industry to establish industry standards for manufacturing equipment and labor suppliers. Additionally, EHS professionals in all industries can bring significant value to their companies’ sustainability programs and drive cost and risk reduction in the business. Example approaches will focus on the PV industry but will be broadly applicable to any emerging process intensive market area. Speakers: Speakers will include EORM’s Andy McIntyre, CIH and Managing Principal and Rebecca Sternberg, Sustainability Practice Lead.

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