New Equipment Procurement Process at Intel

Beaty, Cheryl* (Intel, Rio Rancho, NM)
Craig, Leonard (Intel, Chandler, AZ)

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All new technology process equipment purchased by Intel must meet predefined criteria such as capability, yield, reliability, and cost of ownership including Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS). The primary EHS criteria Intel holds its equipment suppliers to meet are SEMI S2 Safety Guidelines For Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and SEMI S8 Safety Guidelines For Ergonomics/Human Factors Engineering of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment. In addition to meeting these guidelines, the equipment suppliers need to meet additional requirements which include conformance to the applicable European Union Directives as well as environmental, flammability/combustibility, utilities, and electrical criteria. To better ensure new technology process equipment purchased meets Intel’s requirements, the seven component New Equipment Procurement Process (NEPP) is followed. The objectives of utilizing such a process include supplier development, purchase of advanced technology equipment that is safe, global placement of equipment, and continuous improvement for both the supplier and Intel. This paper will go into the details on each of the seven fundamental components of the procurement process and the benefits of following such a process.

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