New Regulatory Developments Affecting Fluorinated Materials

Higgs, Tim
(CH2M, Tempe, AZ)

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Fluorinated materials are widely used in the semiconductor industry in manufacturing processes, refrigeration and heat transfer. Due to their global warming potential, many regulations have been passed over the years regulating use and requiring reporting of emissions of these materials. A number of pending new actions create the potential for significant new additional restrictions. Pending changes to the refrigerant management rules in 40CFR part 82 would apply existing rules on management and emissions tracking of refrigerants to non-ozone depleting fluorinated materials and would reduce the size threshold to cover smaller refrigeration and heat transfer units. New restrictions under the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) rules would eventually phase out many commonly used fluorinated refrigerants and recent amendments to the Montreal Protocol call for the phase out of many fluorinated materials. In addition, several changes are proposed to the existing greenhouse gas reporting rule. These changes are significant for industries that rely on fluorinated materials such as the semiconductor industry.

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