PCS PIRANHA plasma abatement system: Update of evaluation on 300mm Etch process

Kopatzki, Eckard; Guerin, Joe

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Introduction by the EPA in mid 2010 of Reporting rules on greenhouse gases has led to a heightened level of interest in PFC reduction within the semiconductor and related industries. In view of the limited number of practical options available to the typical semiconductor manufacturing facility for the curtailment of CO2 equivalent emissions, PFC abatement offers a convenient route to more environmentally-friendly manufacturing as well as compliance with present and future EPA policies. The PCS PIRANHA plasma conversion system uses a 2kW or 3kW microwave plasma to decompose PFC gases into reactive fluorine/ fluoride species which are readily removed by a downstream scrubber. The unit is fitted inline within the vacuum foreline between the etch chamber exhaust and dry roughing pump. A 2.45 GHz microwave is generated by a magnetron and conducted into the exhaust gas stream. This setup ensures that the full microwave power is focussed on the PFC gases prior to dilution by the N2 ballast of the dry pump, allowing very high PFC destruction efficiencies to be achieved. This presentation will discuss the results of current testing carried out using a 3kW pre-pump microwave plasma device. The evaluation is being carried out in conjunction with a vendor of Etch tools using state-of-the art 300 mm recipes over a wide range of PFC gas flows and foreline pressure regimes.

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