PDC 10 – The Practical Use of SEMI S2/S8 Engineering Reports for the EHS Professional

Organized by: Andrew Giles, James Wright; GS3 and Mollie Foster; Novellus

Target Audience: Intermediate (2-10 years experience)

This half day course will present the practical use of the SEMI S2/S8 Engineering Reports for the site EHS Professional as an integral part of his or her site safety program. The SEMI S2/S8 Guidelines, has been in effect since 1993 and recently revised as a voluntary guideline within the semiconductor industry to establish a minimum and uniform set of guidelines to ensure the environmental, health, and safety performance of the manufacturing equipment. The primary emphasis in the Guidelines is placed on the equipment suppliers to design and manufacture their equipment to the guideline’s requirements and to have a third-party evaluation to verify compliance. However, the S2/S8 evaluation Engineering Report can also be a valuable tool for the Site EH&S Professional if it is used effectively. However, to be used effectively by the site EHS Professional, the information contained in the report must be understood. This course will examine the typical contents of a thorough SEMI S2/S8 Engineering Report and explain how it can be used by the Site EHS Professional to assist in compliance to national (e.g., OSHA, EPA, etc.) or local (e.g., Fire or Bldg. Codes) regulations, or company EHS policies. This course is intended to be generic enough for the EHS Professional new to the industry to understand, but it is also intended for the experienced EHS Professional who is not currently using the SEMI S2/S8 Engineering Report as a part of his/her safety program.

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