PDC 11 – Building Codes and Standards from the Perspective of the ES&H Professional – Liability Implications of the Standard of Care

Organized by: William R. Acorn; Acorn Consulting Services

Target Audience: Basic (0-2 years experience)

The codes and standards that govern the design, construction and operation of semiconductor manufacturing facilities are complex and subject to local interpretation. Bill Acorn will discuss the standard of care that should be considered by all ES&H professionals, whether the project is located in the US or abroad.
This PDC will provide an overview of the current code and standards applicable to high technology/hazardous facilities, with particular emphasis on those used in the semiconductor industry. Bill will discuss recent developments in codes and standards, including a brief discussion of the 2000 International Building and Fire Codes.
The “standard of care” as it relates to design, construction and operation is often considered to vary from location to location. In particular, when manufacturing and support facilities are built offshore, in jurisdictions that are more lenient than the U.S., the applicable standard of care may be unclear. What should U.S. companies do in terms of compliance with codes and standards? When is it not good enough to follow the local standard of care? What are the liabilities of a company and its employees in this kind of situation? While Bill cannot offer legal opinions, he will discuss matters that should be of concern to ES&H professionals responsible for ensuring suitable operating and working environments.
Bill will discuss a major fab fire as a frame of reference to this discussion. Utilizing his direct experience as an expert witness in a case involving a U.S. insurance company and an Asian facility, the concerns of building safe facilities abroad will be addressed.

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