PDC 13 – The Science of Exhaust Management

Organized by: Joe Van Gompel and Vic Chidgopkar; BOC Edwards, Austin, TX and Wilmington, MA

Target Audience: Basic (0-2 years experience)

The Science of Exhaust Management goes over semiconductor exhaust abatement technology from a chemistry point of view. While tempting to think otherwise, there is no one-size-fits-all technology for point of use abatement. The course will have 4 specific segments: 1) The chemistry of exhaust management; 2) POU abatement technologies; 3) Case studies in exhaust management; 4) Methods of exhaust gas testing. There will also be a Special Topics session at the end of the course. The goal of the presentation is to educate the student about when a given abatement technology (say, wet scrubbing) is appropriate and when it isn’t.

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