PDC 2 – The Basics of a Successful Incident Recovery

Organized by: Robert Barnes; Robert B. Barnes Associates, Inc.

Target Audience: Intermediate (2-10 Years Experience)

Every fab should expect to have at least one business interruption incident each year. That is a fact. Not every fab is ready to rapidly recover from such an incident. That, unfortunately, is also a fact. Each incident is also entirely different and too much generalization is not appropriate; however, there are some key similarities. Most importantly, the manner in which the initial response is handled by facility personnel, vendors, and recovery specialists directly affects the outcome. Simply put — the most effective way to minimize the impact of even the briefest business interruption event is to ensure that the initial response is handled efficiently and professionally. This half-day session will provide participants with an opportunity to learn how others have dealt with the most common fab incidents (both successfully and unsuccessfully) and will lead to the development of personal set of key action guidelines that each participant can immediately put into practice when he or she returns home.

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