PDC 3 – 14001: Everyone Is Doing It, Can You?

Organized by: Alicia Oakes; Environmental and Occupational Risk Management

Target Audience: Beginner (0-2 Years Experience)

ISO 14001 is becoming wide spread as more vendors and clients are requiring companies they work with to attain ISO 14001 certification. You know your company wants ISO 14001 certification, now it is time to put an environmental management system (EMS) that is compliant with the ANSI/ISO 14001-1996 standard in place.
This course is designed to provide students with the tools to develop and implement an effective EMS with the goal of attaining certification to the ANSI/ISO 14001-1996 standard.
During this PDC the key elements of the ISO 14001 standard will be presented through a series of exercises and discussions. The exercises and discussions will include practical methods of performing a gap assessment and will address key topics, such as environmental policies, planning an EMS, environmental aspects and impacts, objectives and targets, implementation and operation of an EMS, monitoring and measuring, nonconformance, corrective and preventative action, EMS audits, management review and documentation requirements. The format will be interactive and utilize industry examples to ensure students grasp both the intent and benefits of ISO 14001 requirements.
The information contained is this PDC can be used by an EHS professional to assist in attainment of a company’s ISO 14001 certification, if used properly. This PDC is intended to be introductory for the EHS Professional new to the semiconductor industry, but also intended for the EHS Professional who has not yet ventured into the ISO arena.

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