PDC 5 – Hazardous Gas Monitoring

Organized by: Logan White; Logan White Engineering

Target Audience: Beginner (0-2 Years Experience)

Monitoring hazardous gases is highly complex, yet critical to semiconductor manufacturing. This course will cover several codes relevant to the industry including the 2000 editions of the International Fire Code and Uniform Fire Code. Determining applicable codes and then understanding, interpreting and applying them is the initial step in developing a gas monitoring strategy. This course provides a good basis to successfully comply with code requirements.
Standards for integration of gas sensors into a monitoring, alarm and control system are reviewed. Requirements and benefits of redundancy are explained and evaluated.
Other topics to be discussed include: Occupancy Classifications, Gas Sensor Types & Selection Criteria, Typical Gas Monitoring System Architectures, Typical Programmed Responses, System Testing Requirements, Emergency Control Stations and System Certification.

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