PFC Emissions Reduction Options —- A Selection Guide for the ESH Professional

Worth, Walter (International SEMATECH)

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After a half a dozen or more years of concerted effort by the tool and abatement equipment suppliers, the chemical suppliers, the IC manufacturers and various universities, several technology options for reducing PFC emissions are now commercially available. However, there is a need for an overview that will assist the ESH professionals and engineers charged with developing the implementation strategy for PFC emission reduction for a fab or company. This paper will review and compare the mature options form the standpoint of the user, namely the semiconductor manufacturing ESH professional. It will provide information on the capital and typical installation costs, cost of ownership, maturity of the technology, reliability, and size of the installed base. In the case of the alternative chemistries, it will compare the cost of the gases and the emission reductions achieved with each. For each option, the study will also attempt to address the net ecological benefit as well as the cost of ownership in terms of the carbon equivalent emission reduction.

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