Practical Application of SEMI S23

Evanston, Chris
(Salus Engineering International, 3004 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara CA, 95054)

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This presentation will cover the practical use of SEMI S23, “The guide for conservation of energy, utilities, and materials used by semiconductor manufacturing equipment.” It will start by covering state of the art measurement techniques for key utilities required to be measured by SEMI S23: three phase electrical energy measurements, intrusive and non-intrusive N2 and CDA measurements, exhaust measurements, non-intrusive cooling and DI water measurements. Next, the use of this raw data to calculate overall equipment energy consumption will be explained. Finally, the SEMI S23 requirement for developing an improvement road map will be discussed, along with the ultimate confirmation of reduction by a second set of measurements on equipment modified to reduce energy consumption. All of this information will be put in the context of where the semiconductor industry is at with regard to implementation of these requirements, and where it may be going in the future.

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