Prevention Maintenance Protection and Hazards Exposure Control of Thermal Type Local Scrubber MAT

Tsou, Hsiang-ming
(United Microelectronic Corp.(UMC), Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C.)

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No matter how much effort and investment has been taken by a semiconductor FAB to reduce the nuisance odor, the problems always exist. The reasons we found are there is no applicable investigation equipment and proper methodology, furthermore, the unusual odor will disappear rapidly before an emergency response staff handles it. Therefore, it is better to take prevention of odor in advance than to deal with it upon it occurs. Prevention maintenance(PM) is one of the main causes of odor in FAB. This paper presents a method to identify the main reason for causing odor during thermal type local scrubber(L/S) PM and reduce its influence. A plan was proposed for understanding the environment air quality and controlling hazards exposure risk over PM task of MAT thermal type L/S by using Job Safety Observation(JSO) and measuring gases concentration escaped. The result we got were there were hazardous gases, hydrogen fluoride(HF) being produced and the peak concentration was high enough to reach the level of Threshold Level Value-Time Weight Average(TLV-TWA) during the survey. Therefore an improvement equipment, Gas Separating Mask and a standard safety PM procedures for L/S were developed. It had been proved that by using the Mask, we could protect the health of operators and reduce the exposure risk for over 79.3%(as HF gas) effectively.

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