REACH Roundtable – Perspectives across the supply chain

Speranza, C.Nowak, L.Beu, M.Majors, S.Roberge, S.Baliga, Dawn
(Intel )

The EU REACH Regulation is the most ambitious chemical policy directive in history, creating new responsibility up and down the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain, from materials suppliers to equipment manufacturers to producers of integrated devices. The daunting challenge for the semiconductor industry is that lack of compliance in one part of the industry supply chain creates business risks across the entire industry.

A critical question is, “What can the semiconductor industry do, as a collective, to comply with REACH and prevent possible catastrophic industry wide regulatory shutdowns?” The REACH Roundtable Panel will work to answer this critical question from a supply chain perspective.

Speakers will discuss and prioritize the challenges of a wide array of REACH requirements in the context of a) their own company, b) their customers, and c) their supply chains. During the Roundtable, panelists will address what companies can do to ensure REACH compliance, in terms of individual and collective industry-wide action.

Speakers / Panelists / Moderator

Chris Nowak, Actio
Dawn Speranza, Intel
Laurie Beu, ISMI
Mary Majors, Air Products
Steven Roberge, Axcelis
Sanjay Baliga, SEMI

Proposed Agenda

5 Minutes – Welcome and Introductions (Baliga)
10 Minutes – REACH Priorities for Device Makers (Speranza)
10 Minutes – REACH Priorities for Materials / Chemicals Suppliers (Majors)
10 Minutes – REACH Priorities for Equipment Suppliers (Roberge)
10 Minutes – Third Party Perspective and Information Management (Nowak)
45 Minutes – Roundtable Panel (Baliga, Beu, Majors, Nowak, Roberge, and Speranza)

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