Reactive Silane Byproducts

Eugene Ngai
Chemically Speaking LLC, Whitehouse Station, NJ, NKFUST, Kaohsiung, TW, Dow Corning, Midland, MI, others TBA

As discussed at the 2017 PDC on Energetic Materials, Silicon Semiconductor device manufacturers have increased their use of the more complex silane molecules such as Hexachlorodisilane. These Si-Si or Si-Si-Si bonded molecules have a greater tendency to form reactive byproducts which in some cases are shock sensitive (aka Popping Gels) There have been reports of incidents at suppler, user and equipment facilities. To better understand how these are formed and the chemistry, two major research efforts have been recently conducted. Air Liquide Advanced Materials a major supplier funded a joint study at National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology (NKFUST) in Taiwan. Prof Chen who previously participated and conducted silane and trichlorosilane release studies from 2005-2017 will present his findings. A second supplier Dow Corning has conducted research in the same area for 18 months will also present their findings. This information will be invaluable to all that handle HCDS as well as the more complex silanes. They will answer questions such as what are they, how are these formed and more importantly how to handle these safely? Other presenters will discuss incidents involving these gels in systems or equipment.

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