Recent Changes in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Determination and Reporting

Higgs, Tim
(Intel, Chandler, AZ)

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The 2014 reporting year will be the first year that semiconductor facilities will calculate their greenhouse gas emissions using the revised U.S. EPA mandatory greenhouse gas electronics industry reporting rule (subpart I) that were published at the end of 2013. The revised rule establishes new default emission factors and abatement efficiencies, and adds the option of calculating emissions using stack testing. In addition, new global warming potential (GWP) values were published for some materials in late 2013, and additional GWP changes were proposed in 2014. This paper will discuss the recent changes and evaluate the pros and cons of the stack test method compared to the default emission factor method, as well as the factors to be considered when deciding which approach to use. It will also discuss expected impacts of the changes in GWP values, the new requirements for site maintenance plans, and information on measured vs. default point of use efficiency values.

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