Recovering Semiconductor Manufacturing Materials

Parker, Reg; Atkinson, Bob; Bradshaw, Jeff
(Freescale Semiconductor)

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Recovering Semiconductor Manufacturing Materials Semiconductor Scrap Management Program Objectives  Environmental Stewardship  Intellectual Property Protection  Maximization of potential revenues How to accomplish these objectives  Follow established internal corporate policies for reclaim  Contracting with reclaim/recycler (s) that understands complex semiconductor scrap materials.  Final scrap recovery through Integrated Smelter process. Structure of the Recycling Chain – In essence…. There are only six integrated smelters in the world that have been modified to process the complex materials contained in semiconductor scrap. Environmental Stewardship:  The current Best Available Technology for final processing of Semiconductor complex scrap to elements is an integrated smelter.  Integrated Smelter technology represents massive capital investments and these smelters exist only in Canada, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Japan and Australia. The Recycling Chain and your Company Utilize Best Available Environmental Technology Understanding Semiconductor Scrap Materials The reasons for and benefits of the lot# system are: Descriptions of Semiconductor Scrap Semiconductor Scrap Management Program Objectives – Continued The reclaim chain of custody: Security can help prevent E-Waste theft and counterfeiting An example of illegal activity and subsequent prosecution. Semiconductor Scrap Management Program Objectives – Continued Your Reclaim Program You’re Decision The Optimal Reclaim Provider will: Valuation of Scrap Materials and Revenue Return One of the most difficult concepts to explain is the process of determining the value of your materials. YOU must understand what it is that you have and what expected returns you should be expecting considering transportation, proper environmental processing, IP protection and cost of management. The dilemma: How do you look at 10,000 Kg of scrap material and place a value on it? The Answer: Robust Statistical Sampling Single Provider Consolidation Benefits Single Largest Benefit of using EcoTech Recycling Business Considerations for Selecting Reclaim Vendors

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