Regulatory Adoption of Normalized Performance Metrics, and Response from the Semiconductor Industry

Kevin Wolfe; Brian Raley; Tim Yeakley
(Intel, Hillsboro, OR)

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Historically semiconductor associations have voluntarily gathered and monitored environmental performance indicators on a normalized, or per-unit-of-production basis to allow for benchmarking with other regions and to monitor environmental performance trends over time. Recently however, Chinese regulators have indicated intent to adopt a production-unit-normalized performance criteria as a required regulatory compliance criteria in a way that will place the more complex manufacturing operations at a relatively higher risk of noncompliance. Indications are that regulators in other geographies could also eventually adopt similar normalized metrics as compliance requirements. The intent of this session is to raise awareness of this regulatory development in China, gather input from SESHA attendees on what the implications to manufacturing might be, identify the most appropriate way to respond, and discuss how a normalized metric that incorporates a measure of manufacturing-complexity in addition to per-unit-of-production could be integrated into a regulatory framework. In this way the semiconductor industry may progress towards becoming a more unified voice that is more capable of working with regulators to ensure their need to promote environmentally responsible manufacturing is met, while simultaneously ensuring that further development of semiconductor manufacturing is not unfairly constrained.

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