Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) – It’s a Journey, Not a Destination

Jeff Frazier; Steven Hawkins
(Micron Technology / Enviromental Resources Management (ERM)

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Process safety focuses on the prevention of incidents involving leaks, spills, fires or explosions by making sure that facilities are well-designed, safely operated and properly maintained. In particular, Process Safety Management (PSM) ensures that facilities are designed and engineered properly with systems in place to monitor and control hazards. PSM may also be considered the result of a range of technical, management and operational systems working together to achieve the desired outcome of eliminating process safety hazards and events, and to maximizing safety for team members, facilities and communities. When the desired outcome is not achieved, a process safety incident occurs. In this presentation, we will show why Micron Technology decided to embark on the journey of process safety management, the process of designing a global Risk Based Process Safety program, and the challenges and lessons learned during the development and implementation of the program.

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