Round Table 1: Semiconductor Emergency Response Forum (SERF) – ERT Issues, and Standards of Practice

Williams, Jeffrey
SERF Co-Chair. US Department of Defense

The Semiconductor Emergency Response Forum is comprised of professionals within the semiconductor and related industries, associated with SESHA, having as its main focus the subject of response to emergencies. As suggested by the ‘Forum’ in its name, the SERF mission is to promote the interchange of experiences, ideas, and lessons between members. In furthering that goal, SERF will hold a membership forum and roundtable discussion at this year’s SESHA Symposium where the following topics will be discussed:

•Review and update of the membership drive emails sent out in 2003 through SESHA, SEMI and SIA. Discuss other options for identifying and encouraging members.
•Status of SERF – A review and update of what has happened in SERF in the last several years, and a discussion of possible activities and actions for the SERF to engage in for 2004 and beyond.
•Review of the SERF Manual, and discussion of how to proceed with the manual.
•General forum for discussion of ERT events of the past years, hot topics, and general questions.
•Election of new co-chair for 2004-2006 term.

In addition to the administrative issues, the following special presentations and discussions will be part of the roundtable:

Eugene Ngai of Air Products will give a presentation on “ClF3 and Emergency Response”

Jeff Clark of National Semiconductor will lead a discuss on ERT shift leaders and shift management

Sam Diggins of ST will give an presentation of emergency planning and OHSAS 18001

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