Safety and Health Committee

qiao, xinyu; wang, xiaoting
(Hynix Semiconductor (China) Ltd.)

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Hynix semiconductor China Limited (HSCL), headquartered in Icheon, South Korea, is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise located in Export Processing Zone Wuxi, Jiangsu province of China. HSCL’s main product is 12-inches wafer, and it covers an area of 54 million square meters, of which the gross Investment reaches to 5.26 billion dollars. About 3700 employees from Korea and China work for HSCL.Safety and Health Committee Safety and Health committee is a communication bridge between employee and employer, created by Hynix and Hynix labor union together for the purpose of promoting mutual understanding between the labor and the capital, dissolving and improving internal issues of environmental, health and safety related to employees, making the optimal working environment for employees. Specificity 1. Specialty As far as the organization structure is concerned, Safety and Health committee is a newborn thing. Similar organization structure has not been found by now in other related industry. 2. Innovation In a point of view of foreign labor unions’ operating mode, there is a sharp contradiction in terms of interests between labor union and enterprises. But the Hynix labor union is designed to protect and coordinate the interests of both sides of labor and capital, satisfy the employees and promote the enterprise development as well. Operation Overview 1.Organization Chairman of a committee :Chinese labor union chairman, Korean deputy general manager Committee member:Korean leaders from manufacturing department, technology department, general affairs department, and personnel labor union committee Executive:Responsible persons from ESH department 2.Operation Mode: Practical meeting: We collect advice and suggestions monthly from the basic level by various means and hold the practice meeting to take them over in the end/beginning of a month. Solutions will be taken out and significant issues would be submitted to periodic meeting for further discussion.Periodic meeting:Periodic meeting is held quarterly to debrief the results of practical meeting and provide advice and solutions to significant issues. 3.Operation Content: Safety: Clean room odor, PPE, toxic gas monitoring Environment: Dorm odor, corporate environment, sewage treatment Occupational health: noise, psychological consult, smoking and drinking, individual radiation dosimeter 4.Operation results Safety and Health Committee has collected and disposed more than 200 advice and suggestions from 2008. Our operating environment and the safety consciousness of workers has been greatly improved. And the sense of trust between labor and capital has been enhanced a lot as well. As a result, our employees put more energy into production, makes more output and profit. In 2010, We Hynix got the historically highest profits.

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