Safety Considerations for Ion Implanters

Roberge, Steven
(Axcelis Technologies, inc.)

Ion implanters have several inherent hazards associated with their operation and maintenance. Although manufacturers of this equipment include numerous safety features into the design, the potential for serious injury or incident remains, particularly in situations where design safety features are overidden or recommended safe operating procedures are not followed. Although some incidences of equipment malfunction may, on their own, have the potential to result in a safety incident, these ocurrences are much more likely to occur during maintenance or service operations where personal interaction with the hazards of the equipment can be much more direct. Ion implanters have five main categories of hazard associated with them. These are hazardous materials, high voltage, radiation (ionizing and non-ionizing), mechanical systems, and ergonomic issues. In some instances, these categories can interact with each other to raise hazards that may not be readily recognizable to personnel. This PDC will discuss specifics regarding each category and differentiate between operational and maintenance and service related issues. Suggested safe operating procedures are also discussed.

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