Save Energy and Reduction of Greenhouse Gas by Energy Recovery System

Park, Jong Bok; Lee, Moon Ha; Jeong, Yun Yeong
(Hynix Semiconductor Inc., Icheon, Korea)

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In 2010, Hynix Semiconductor introduced Energy Recovery System to save Energy and reduce Emission of Greenhouse gases. Usually industrial water temperature for Semiconductor Manufacturing is at least 21 degrees but law water temperature was only 4 degrees in winter. So we had to raise the law water temperature by steam boiler before using water. On the other hand, discharge water temperature was about 25 degrees all the time. So local residents had experienced inconvenience because of fog in winter. Energy Recovery System uses thermal energy of discharge water to heat up law water until 21 degrees by heat exchanger. By introducing Energy Saving System Hynix Semiconductor has saved 76,000 ton of steam in one year (equivalent 12% of total steam usage) and reduced 18,000 ton of CO2 emission. (equivalent 4300 pine trees absorb in one year.) Also fog was disappeared in winter season. This presentation includes quantitative/qualitative analysis of economic effects of saving energy and decrease in CO2 emission by introducing Energy Recovery System. Also important matters should be considered before introducing this system are specified. Many companies feel the need to reduce greenhouse gases but they hesitate aggressive Activities because of huge investment cost compared to small economic benefits. We think our Energy Recovery System could be a good case shows that efforts to reduce greenhouse gases make economic benefits and save earth.

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