Semiconductor Emergency Response Forum (SERF) – Incident Response

Caller, Joe; Lequia, Jeff

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The Semiconductor Emergency Response Forum is comprised of professionals within the semiconductor and related industries, associated with SESHA, having as its main focus the subject of response to emergencies. As suggested by the ‘Forum’ in its name, the SERF mission is to promote the interchange of experiences, ideas, and lessons between members. In furthering that goal, SERF will hold a Roundtable discussion at this year’s SESHA Symposium where the following topics will be presented:

  • As a follow-up to the first SERF Roundtable, this session focuses on the incidents and our response to them. The roundtable includes:
  • The elements of an emergency incident are examined, beginning with preparing for response (which looks at planning for emergencies, organizing and training an ERT, and other steps), responding to emergency incidents, and post-incident analysis.
  • An informal review of incidents will be conducted, with roundtable participants and audience members encouraged to share information, lessons learned, and–for the incredibly mature and truly brave–mistakes made. True learning and growth are impossible without this sharing of information.

This Roundtable will be presented by Joe Caller and Jeff Lequia, this year’s Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Semiconductor Emergency Response Forum.

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