Study of the relationship between water recovery and energy usage rates in Taiwan’s High tech industries

LU, Joey ; Ao, Jia-Gang ; Chen, Chun-Yu
(Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI))

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In tandem with a global trend that rapidly gained momentum, Taiwan initiated its first science parks in 1980. Hopefully the success story of Silicon Valley could repeat itself in Taiwan. The high tech, semiconductor, TFT-LCD, LED and PV industries, have been greatly increasing their water usage. In order to reduce the water usage in these industries, they have made a lot effort into water recovery and reuse. The water recovery rate is over 75%; some companies and industries even reach the rate of 90%. However, when they recover the process water, they have to use electricity. If they recover more water they will use more electricity. This article will describe the relationship between the 2 side using water recovery company designed data.

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