Summary of SEMATECH and IMEC Collaboration 2014 III-V EHS Projects

Davis, Brett; Kwong, Hsi-An; Pardon, Alain
(Zephyr Environmental, SEMATECH, IMEC)

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This paper will report the results of investigations into the EHS aspects of the processing III-V materials, including InGaAs, GaAs and InP – where these films are epitaxially grown on 300mm silicon substrates. A summary of SEMATECH’s multiyear efforts in addressing III-V ESH topics including off-gassing and wastewater collection and treatment will be presented. The results of SEMATECH and IMEC’s recent collaboration on CMP and FOUP off-gassing experiments on III-V materials will be discussed. Experimental approaches to quantify the type and concentration of gaseous species released during CMP and in the FOUP, with tools such as Fourier-Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy, will be discussed. Future III-V EHS related risk assessment and control tasks will be identified.

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