Supercritical CO2 Equipment Design Challenges

Fessler, Mark
(Tokyo Electron Limited)

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The emerging tecnology of wafer cleaning using high pressure, supercritical CO2 equipment has prompted the need for better understanding of how to safely integrate high-pressure systems (>3,000 psi)into existing cleanroom infrastructures. Supercritical Systems, Inc. (SSI) has been the driving force within the semiconductor industry to address safety standards for high-pressure equipment technology. The company organized the varoius high-pressure workshop’s, and since then has been continuing these education efforts through the implementation of a globalization task force. The presentation will provide education and communication of important high-pressure design requirements to those with minimal or no exposure to high-pressure systems. High-pressure systems, as discussed here, are classified by facility services over 150 PSIG, which are rarely used in semiconductor fabs. The workshop is geared towards IC manufacturers (facilities, EHS and process engineers); equipment suppliers (EHS, Mechanical & electrical design engineers); component , gas & chemical suppliers for the high pressure applications and anyone with an interest in designing or utilizing High Pressure Equipment in the semiconductor manufacturing environment. Things that will be discussed: Design Challenges with Semiconductor Equipment – Experiences from other industries related to high-pressure systems – Applicable safety and design codes and directives for high-pressure systems – Mechanical analysis and testing of piping, fittings, valves, overpressure devices and piping routing – Component selection – Tracking of parts that are exposed, or potentially exposed to high pressure – Material spec sheets – Welding certification requirements – Static pressure testing – Serialization and tracking of pressure cycles – Documentation – Configuration Management – Semiconductor Safety Compliance

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