Sustainability Standards and Metrics

Redick, Thomas ; Crane, Lauren ; Fessler, Mark
(GEEClaw, Clayton, MO; Applied Materials, Austin, TX; Tokyo Electron America, Chandler, AZ )

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Sustainability has arrived for semiconductor suppliers, but to define it and measure it will be challenging. Energy conservation, water, worker health and social obligations all need metrics, and this session will survey metrics issues and standard-setting activity for the sustainable “life cycle”, emphasizing the role played by ANSI and ISO standards. SEMI Global Care, S23 Energy and various Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) organizations will offer self-assessment and quantitative measurement as SEMI members can lead the way in making metrics using statistical analysis and innovative metrology tools. Current ANSI, NIST and ASTM sustainability initiatives will be profiled along with Japanese carbon footprint labels and the JIG approach to ROHS. Competing demands for information and the practical limitations of component part or bulk suppliers will be raised. Sustainability metrics will provide a common language for explaining the “why” of sustainability, while innovators struggle to come up with the “How” to achieve it.

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