The Impact of NFPA 400 “Hazards Materials Code” and Your Facility

Robert James
(UL, LLC Chicago Headquarters)

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Typical SESHA facilities that commonly use hazardous materials as part of everyday business are always concerned that something might go wrong. Multiple codes and different regulations impact how these buildings are protected, including operational concerns. Operators must have a good understanding of the basis for the protection approach, including a familiarity with the use of the key documents, such as NFPA 400, Hazards Materials Code. NFPA 400 regulations apply to the storage, use, and handling of hazardous materials in all occupancies and facilities; it is regularly updated and developed by leading experts in the field. So, it is key to be aware of the impact of these regulation on your site. This seminar will explore the administrative, operational, and maintenance provisions as they apply to new conditions and operations that have arisen after the adoption of the code, and will also speak to existing conditions and operations. You will get an inside look at NFPA 400, have the opportunity to ask questions regarding application of the regulations, and gain an understanding of how you can become involved in future changes that impact your facility.

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