The Integration of a Toxic Gas Monitoring System into the Building Fire Alarm System

Sweeney, John
(Harvard University)

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Many facilities have toxic gas monitoring systems (TGMS) with local strobes to evacuate just clean rooms and affiliated areas. However, many facilities do not integrate their toxic gas monitoring systems into the building fire alarms systems. This presentation will describe three different types of toxic gas monitoring systems in a university setting and will describe how all three systems are integrated into the perspective building fire alarm systems. Topics of interest in this presentation will be as follows: 1. Details on TGMS Alarm level set points for exhaust and ambient gas sensors and when they trigger the building fire alarm systems. 2. Overview of how the two systems are integrated 3. Reasons for integrating the two systems 4. Training details for all personnel involved in this new integrated system. In a university setting, the various working groups involved during emergencies are more expansive than in an industry setting. Types of people trained on the system (campus police, local fire fighters, facilities personnel, university operations center (24/7 hotline), EH&S department responders, building occupants etc).

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